Thursday, February 23, 2017

Austin // 4 Months

- I'm pretty sure I say it every time, but Austin is such a happy little man! He smiles and laughs throughout the day, and has become very fond of shrieking in a high-pitched voice when he's excited, and cooing to himself when he's content. I love hearing him "talk" (he tells me stories all day long!) and watching him play with his toys.

- His favorite toy is a Very Hungry Caterpillar rattle that has a bunch of multi-colored linking rings attached to it. A close second favorite toy is Mortimer the Moose (at this same age, the "girly" version of this toy -- Muffin the Moose -- was Nicole's favorite! It's such a handy toy for babies!)

- He prefers to either be kicking away on his back on the ground with a toy in hand, or to be carried around the house. He cannot stand sitting in the Bumbo, which makes me so sad! Hopefully he'll grow to love it over the next month or two because it's SO handy to use at restaurants.

- He and his car seat are on fairly good terms now. ;) Haha!

- I love how he snorts when he gets excited.

- He regularly pauses in the middle of nursing to give me a huge smile, and it melts my heart! Even when that smile occurs while there's milk in his mouth, so it ends up spilling all over my arm... :P

- Also when he's nursing: he tries to hold my hand by slipping each of his tiny fingers between my big fingers. It's suuuuuuper cute.

- He loves to watch his sister run around and rewards her with smiles if she talks to him.

- He is SO content in the evenings when Doug gets home and holds him because Doug constantly walks around with him and holds him juuuuust right. Austin loves it.

- He still wakes up two or three times per night to eat, but since he is in "sleep mode" from 7 PM until 7 or 8 AM and goes right back to sleep after eating, I'm okay with it.

- Sometimes he tries to get from his back to his tummy, but right now he can only make it onto his side. He doesn't put much effort into it, though. He's still not a huge fan of being on his tummy, so I imagine he's not in a rush to figure it out!

- I love how his whole face lights up when he sees me; his eyes widen and his smile couldn't be bigger. It's like the sun bursting through a bunch of clouds.

- He enjoys: being pulled up into a sitting position, having one arm swaddled when he sleeps, chewing on my hand or his own fingers, being tickled, chilling in the baby wrap when we're out and about, snuggling and listening to me sing before I put him down for naps or bed, and being gently tossed in the air.

- Not a huge fan of: spending long-ish amounts of time in the stroller, Nicole being too close to him when she's crying, being cold, staying up past his nap or bedtime, waiting for letdowns to happen when he's nursing, sitting in a wet diaper, and tummy time.

-Ambivalent about: baths. Sometimes he likes them, sometimes he doesn't.

- At his 2 month checkup, his weight had dropped quite a bit for some reason... but he's back up to a healthy, average weight now, so I took his pants and jacket off halfway through taking pictures of him so you could all bask in the glory of his perfect little fat rolls! :D

Mmmmm, chunky babies. All the heart eyes.

We love our happy little man! I'm looking forward to the next couple of months as he learns how to sit, perfects his rolling technique, and becomes more verbal. Also, I can totally see some Pease in him in this next picture. Nicole is all Kelly, but Austin definitely has some visible Pease characteristics. At least, I think so. (And... the dimple strikes again!!!!! Eeeee!)

^^^He has a birthmark on the bottom of his right foot. I don't think I've ever shown you guys. Nicole has a birthmark about the same size on the left side of her belly. I wonder if all of my kids will have birthmarks?!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Life Lately

We have a bad case of what I like to call the "Winter Wiggles" over here. We got out for a walk yesterday and it was heavenly, but it's supposed to snow again on Thursday. Boo! I've already bought swimsuits for the kids for this summer. An awesome new splash pad will be opening up in May only 5 minutes from our house, and I anticipate spending lots of time there. Mmmm, spring weather........

Aaaaaaand since I've been so awful about blog/social media updates for the past 2 months, let's do a little Life Lately post!


- Shameless bragging moment: I've been really good at exercising. I get active 5 days a week, and I haven't missed a day since I started my regime near the beginning of January.

- Both kids go to bed around 7:00 and it's amazing.

- Austin has been trying to roll from his back to his tummy. No success yet.

- I've been avoiding chocolate. I gave it up on the first day of February and am not eating it until my birthday in April. As a result, my sugar consumption has reduced drastically. ;)

- Nicole is slowly realizing that there are other Disney princesses besides Elsa and Anna. Haha. She's kinda starting to dig Ariel, and will sing along to "Part of Your World"... but "Let it Go" is still the song of choice around the house these days.

- I've run out of things that I'm interested in watching on Netflix...finally...until the additional seasons of the shows I watch get added to the system, that is!

- I've been trying to be better about spending less time with technology, hence the minimal blogging and rare social media posts. I DO want to listen to music more often, though. (Music aside from my "Nicole's Favorites" playlist that cycles over and over again on Spotify.)

- I have a goal to take more candid pictures with my DSLR instead of using my phone for pictures all the time. I have some weird aversion to sharing phone photos on this blog, but that's where all my pictures are these days! And I don't want to upload them to Facebook, and I have a love/hate relationship with Instagram (it's currently uninstalled from my phone) so... more DSLR pictures seem to be in order!

- Nicole eats craisins every. Single. Day. She always always always asks for some at lunchtime, and sometimes other meals. We bought a big Costco bag a couple weeks ago and it's just about 3/4ths of the way gone already. Doug doesn't eat them, and I only eat a handful here and there. Homegirl is crazy for craisins.

- I'm finally getting my wisdom teeth out. I just have two (the top ones) and one of them is starting to break through my gums, so... it's high time. My appointment is in a couple weeks. Eeeek.

And, because apparently blog posts need pictures, here are my two little kiddos hanging out on Nicole's bed:

I should go read a book now. Ashley out!

Monday, January 23, 2017

Austin // 3 Months

We have a full-blown baby on our hands; no more newborn! SO bittersweet. Austin is a cheerful kid with the most adorable belly laugh, which can be triggered by running a finger under his chin and talking in a silly voice. He loves munching on his hands, of course, but in the past few days I've caught him staring at his hands in fascination because he's finally realized, "Hey, those things are attached to me! I can control them!" He's strong enough now to sit for moderate lengths of time in the Bumbo seat. He's pretty good about chilling by himself on the ground while I eat or shower or help Nicole. His clogged tear ducts have finally cleared up, thank goodness.

Sleep updates get their own paragraph. Ha. Austin stubbornly continues to take naps that are rarely longer than 30-40 minutes when he's in his crib, although if we're going to be honest, I'm glad he takes naps in his crib at all. He usually has 4 naps, which is great. Thanks to a combination of growth spurts, "wonder weeks" and a mild cough, he has regressed to 3 hour stretches at night. Back to survival mode! He sleeps with one arm out of the swaddle now. I imagine that within a couple more weeks we'll have him "weaned" off swaddling completely. Aw, no more burrito baby :( Although... this kid gets sweaty easily, even when he's swaddled in just his diaper with the thermostat down at 65 degrees. He won't get as sweaty once he doesn't need to be swaddled.

I still wear him several times a week in the wrap or baby carrier. He is becoming increasingly tolerant of car rides, and he loves watching his big sister run around. He takes his sweet time nursing and either holds my finger or moves his hand in circles while he eats. He started getting very vocal earlier this month and says "ah-goo" over and over. He has even blown some raspberries at me, which was the cutest! He's reaching the stage where he makes high-pitched squeals and screeches, which can be grating on the ears at times, but I love that he's vocal and exploring sounds!

We love this little man!