Sunday, November 23, 2014

Hello, mood swing!

Either it's because of the pregnancy hormones
Or it's because of how much I dislike the current weather
(the world looks so dreary when most of the trees are bare and there's no snow)
((doesn't the leaf above just look so lonely??!?!))
Most likely it's the hormones...
But I hate blogging all of a sudden.

Hate it.

Like... I want to delete my blog and never have to post on it again.
So I'm putting myself on blog time-out until the baby's here
(which could and should be any day now)
Because I'm pretty sure I'll like blogging again once I'm not a grumpy, full-term preggo.
It could take a day... it could take 2 weeks
But I'm forbidding myself from blogging until the baby has been evicted from my womb.

Just so I'm not driven crazy by my own blog, ya know.

Yes, I have an obsession with this leaf.

See ya'll when I'm finally holding my little girl!

Saturday, November 22, 2014

My Sassy Gay Friend

If there is one thing that I'll miss about being pregnant, it's having an excuse to avoid Tom.

Tom is my sassy gay friend. Back before I got pregnant, he had this habit of coming to visit me about once a month. I never knew exactly when he would show up on my doorstep. When he did show up, he would usually stay with me for about a week, and he would drive me up the wall. I always wanted to close the door in his face and tell him to leave me alone, but you can't just treat a sassy gay friend like that, ya know? Any attempt to tell him that I didn't. want. to. be. his. hotel. for a week each month just went in one ear and out the other.


Tom has the extraordinary ability of knowing just what buttons to press to annoy me. His presence is like a constant, yucky twinge in my stomach. He makes me feel like poop, he really does. He's the type of friend who makes me want to curl up on the couch and never go out in public; the type of friend you know you'd be better off without, but you don't know how to get rid of them.

Then I got pregnant.

Tom, it appears, does not like pregnant women. That sounds horrible, I know, but... he just can't stand being around preggos. I'm pretty sure Tom has a 6th sense and knew I was pregnant before I did because one month he just didn't show up. (I found out I was pregnant a few days after I realized Tom hadn't come to visit yet. I don't know how he figured it out before me.)

I have enjoyed 9 Tom-free months and it has been wonderful.

Then I realized: Tom has no problem being around babies.

Dang it.

I remember being in the shower the other day and all of a sudden getting this yucky feeling on my insides as I realized that I would soon have to put up with Tom again. For a moment - a brief moment - I wished I could stay pregnant forever. My super-easy pregnancy has been a piece of cake compared to Tom's annoying monthly visits.

Sadly, I cannot escape Tom. So I'm just enjoying my last Tom-free days while I can.

Oh yeah... and TOM is an acronym.

It stands for Time Of Month.

**Thank you to Lela B. for first introducing me to the idea of "TOM"

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

It is done.

I put the decorations up, just like I said I would. Yes, even the scrawny, skinny thing that we call a Christmas tree. I still stand by the firm assertion that I have a perfectly good excuse for putting up Christmas decorations before Thanksgiving. No regrets! Especially because for most of the weekend my apartment smelled like a peppermint mocha candle.

Forgive the short posts. I might be slightly MIA over the next week or two since, ya know, this baby could come any time now. (And I'm bad at pre-scheduling posts.) I'm just playing a waiting game!

In other news, I have officially joined the DSLR-owner club! Now I really really really need to learn how to shoot in manual. And work with RAW images. It's a learning curve, people. This will take practice.