Monday, September 1, 2014

September // Goals and Such

I may or may not have put that fall door decor up today...

A new month means a fresh start! And there's nothing like a holiday to start a month off right. Needless to say, today is also the day that I'm allowing myself to put up a couple fall decorations. Nothing Halloween-related yet... but some fall-colored items just to start making a decor transition.

There are a few things I want to make sure I get done this month:

  • Get the baby dresser painted
  • Obtain/paint a crib the same color as the dresser
  • Reduce the amount of clothing in my wardrobe
  • Pick an official day for my baby shower and plan as many details in advance as possible
  • Try making a schedule for blog posts and see if that works for me
  • Go eat some place new
  • Read more (my books are collecting too much dust!)
  • Spend more time outside - this shouldn't be too difficult with the fall weather on the way!
  • Organize my closets and drawers
  • Finish my latch hook rug
  • Readjust my schedule based around 1) my teaching and 2) the musical I'm working on to ensure I still get plenty of exercise, sleep, and have time to keep the apartment nice and clean and run all the errands I'll need to take care of to prepare for baby and other things

I'll probably add another item or two to the list as I think of them... well, Happy Labor Day!

Sunday, August 31, 2014

At the end of August

Happy last day of the month! And happy Sunday!

And, because I'm just in a munchies mood right now... cue one of the best snack combos ever. As long as the M&Ms are normal or peanut butter. Gah, just let me eat this every day!!!

I get to start teaching my 5th and 6th graders this week! Elementary school musical theatre?! YES please, how cute! We're going to put such a great production together.

Doug and I also scored a couple furniture items this week: a wood baby dresser/changing table combo and 4 wood chairs for our kitchen table. All are in great condition and we got them all for a really great price. I plan on painting the dresser white (we got the paint yesterday... this IS happening!) and re-upholstering the chairs because the seat cushions are a little outdated. Whoo hoo for more projects!

In any case... goodbye, August. This month definitely passed by quicker than July, and I'm sure September will be gone before I know it. And then October... and then November... eeeeek! Time keeps speeding up! Someone get me a time turner, pronto!

Sunday, August 24, 2014

{Bumpdate} 26 Weeks

skirt and cardigan - Mikarose  //  shirt - Kohl's (old)  //  necklace - Bella Ella Boutique  //  shoes - Target

Hooray for mustard skirts! Because, you know, the first official day of autumn is less than a month away. And I've been known to skip ahead a bit. The cooler weather and rain aren't helping my resolve, and I almost broke down and put up a decoration or two. But I'm holding out for September. I'll just wait that long.

In other news, I'm basically 2/3 of the way done with my pregnancy! I just reached the 6 month mark and only have 3 more months to go! You guys. Time flies. It's not even funny.Well, time for the bumpdate!

- - - - - - - - 

How far along: 26 weeks

Baby is: the length of a head of lettuce

Symptoms: Some swelling in my feet and occasional mild acid reflux. But you guys, my hair is falling out less! When I brush or wash my hair, only a couple strands come out instead of a whole fist-full! At this rate, my hair will be thick and luxurious in no time. And then all that extra hair will fall out after the baby comes out, of course.

Sleeping: It takes a while to get comfy sometimes, but I still don't have to get up at night for bathroom runs. I must have a bladder of steel or something.

Belly issues: It is getting a little difficult to lean forward and reach for something when I'm sitting down. Especially when the thing I'm reaching for is on the ground. Belly in the way! But bending over from a standing position is still a breeze, so that's good.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but they got stuck once or twice the other week because I was outside and it was hot... not a good combo. But fingers are back to normal now.

Belly button in or out? Still in. Definitely not staying that way much longer.

Maternity clothes: I broke down and bought maternity jeans (thanks a lot, Allyson). You guys. They are so comfortable! They are a breeze to take on and off, don't pinch or squeeze me, and are very stretchy... but they're skinny jeans, so they'll work well with my boots for the fall! This girl is one happy preggo. I haven't gotten any other maternity clothes though. I'm rocking the maxi skirts/dresses while I still can!

Best moment of the week: I was on the BYU campus attending Education Week all this week, and I got a lot of people asking "when is the baby due?!" which is the first time people I don't know have been commenting on my pregnancy. So... my bump is very is obvious now and I don't just look like I've eaten too much ice cream. That's good to know.

What I'm looking forward to: I'm planning on taking a quick tour of the hospital I want to deliver at sometime in the next week or two, just to finalize my decision. I'm kind of excited about it... it makes everything seem even more real!