Saturday, April 30, 2016

Is it just me, or is April always super busy?!

If we're going to be honest, April has always been a busy month for me. Between my birthday and Easter (usually), it was also the prime time to prepare for AP tests in high school and finals while I went to BYU. April of last year (2015) was probably the least busy April I've had in a long time since I was done with school and just had birthdays, Easter, and a baby to worry about.

This year? Busy. Super busy.

Firstly, Douglas graduated from BYU with his Masters degree in Information Systems Management! This meant that we had family in town, which meant that we had plenty of things to keep us busy all week, from lots of eating together to hiking the Y (but only partially because... 2 toddlers and a pre-schooler. Enough said.) to playing at kids gyms and taking walks up in Provo Canyon.

On top of that, we got a house. Thus, April was full of packing, and driving back and forth from apartment to house, and inspections, and appliance/tool shopping, and cleaning... so tiring.

Add Easter to that, as well my first prenatal visit, hosting my brother at our apartment for several days right before our big moving day, and having 5 birthdays (including mine) to celebrate among Doug's immediate family members alone... and it was a crazy month. There were occasional tears and lots of ice cream breaks and here we finally are at the end of the month!

We survived.

I'll have plenty of things to blog about in the next month, some obvious ones being this second pregnancy and about some of the ups and downs of home ownership. I'm also excited to get back to working on my photography (my camera's been put on the back burner for the past month or two) and picking my Trim Healthy Mama recipes back up again (I still need to post about that!)

So... here's to getting through this busy month! I love April, but goodness it's always kind of crazy!

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Our (Second) Little Announcement

Because there are at least a handful of you regular readers that I'm not friends with on facebook... we've got to make this "blog official" too!

Nicole is now a "Big Sister In Training!" :D We're so excited for our family to grow!

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Life's About To Get CrAzY!

A quick word about this picture... I introduced Nicole to the magic of blanket forts this month. (If you follow along on Snapchat, then you know all about it!) The one in the picture above is the smallest one we've built, but she loves forts of all shapes and sizes! Who needs to buy trendy toddler tepee's when you can make a blanket fort?!

As the title of the post suggests, we're in for a busy month. Between closing on a house next week and moving and Doug getting ready to graduate and several birthdays and appointments and various activities (Bunco! Book club! Empowering Mothers group! General Conference! Trying to keep up my visits to the Recreation Center! Taking Nicole outside more as the weather warms up! Sleeping somewhere in all of this!), we're going to have our hands full. I still intend to not let this blog stay silent for the whole month, but hey... what happens, happens. Right now I'm just enjoying the calm before the storm!

Happy weekend! We'll be watching a good 8+ hours of this and celebrating my birthday! Free food items for daaaaayz!!!!