Monday, September 19, 2011

Cakeballs and Crunchies

I'm sure that everyone agrees with me when I say that time flies by too quickly. It's the sorry truth. Which is why you make it count while you can.

I went ice skating for the first time in nearly a year, and it was like I had never stepped on the ice before. When you're off the ice for a long time, you have to take time to get used to it again... especially if you were not even that good to begin with. I was getting used to it by the end of the night though.

I've been in the process of preparing to apply for my major, and I've had to create a Grad Plan for all of the future classes I have to take. I was surprised at how well it all mapped out with my classes for my minor and whatnot. I still have a long way to go though, and I have to have an internship for a whole semester after I take all my classes, so I won't be graduating in April 2014 like I hoped. Oh well.

We had a birthday celebration for my friend Devon Stern on Sunday as well. We made dinner and cakeballs and home-made ice cream and blew up balloons, gave him a snuggie, and had a jolly old time. Birthdays now are so different than birthdays when I was younger... pinatas, crafts, I'd almost always have a treasure hunt of some sort... but we can still have so much fun just being together. I love college. I love being this age. It's a good age.

I must be super stressed right now without even realizing it. As I said in the previous post, all my worries and woes settle right into my shoulders and neck. When my teacher tested my tenseness today, she said that it was still as bad as last week. Now, I admit that I got a scant amount of sleep over the weekend, and my grad plan, homework, and that horrible Rivalry Week Football Game didn't help me stay stress-free...

So my teacher made the decision to have us pair up before we went over our lesson on the formation of phonetic consonants and give each other massages.
I wonder if that was specifically for my sake?
The girl I paired up with was just as startled as my teacher at how tense I was. I could feel the knots in my back that she was trying to work out. A friend of mine who used to give me massages called those knots "crunchies". Evidently, I had a fair few of them, and I could tell that my muscles were extremely wound up. The massage felt reeeeally good, even though it hurt a bit. It's a good kind of pain though. The pain that comes with kneading those crunchies into oblivion!

So hopefully I'll find a different way to vent my stress so that my muscles don't take the hit for it. I should take more time out of my day to do the relaxation techniques that my teacher tells me to use. It would be very beneficial to me, I can tell!

Well, time to work on homework. I have an acting scene to work on with a guy from my class tonight at 6:30, so I'll be missing FHE. However, that means that I'll be able to watch the second half of The Sing-Off! It premieres tonight! BYU Vocal Point is in the competition! Those boys are so talented, I hope that they go far. It's really good publicity for the church and what we stand for. Gotta love Vocal Point!!!!!!!


  1. Going skating in a few hours with people from school :)