Wednesday, September 28, 2011


Just a quick post on how much I enjoy succeeding...

Because who doesn't, right?

I took my Cha-Cha test yesterday
And my feedback was very positive
My "cuban action" (that Latin hip movement you get via proper foot turnout) is "coming along nicely"
I, evidently, had some very good footwork
And was very good at following my partner
(The boy IS supposed to lead, after all...
he gets to feel like he's in control for once HAHA)
I just need to spot more when I do turns
And not slide my feet
I think that this is one of my best dance test results ever!
Yay for improvement!

Also, my scene that I did today in my acting class went VERY well
The only critique my teacher gave my partner and I was that she wanted to see us get a bit louder when we were arguing (the scene was set in church, so we had to keep our voices down)
That was all
The rest was praise
Evidently, I have a bit of a comedian in me
I wasn't trying to be funny
But according to my teacher, TA, and classmates, I have the potential to be great with comedic roles
How interesting...
I also finally hit home with making reeeeally good eye-contact moments
Plus I got to eat pudding during the scene
That's the second time I got to eat during a scene in that class
Works for me!