Monday, October 31, 2011

Highlights of my Halloween


There were so many things that I loved about today...

Such as eating tons of things that weren't healthy

And then going on a short jog to work at least a little bit of it off

And walking by the ballroom to hear one of the advanced ballroom teachers playing the Doctor Who theme music for the students to dance to

And seeing all the costumes... here were a few of my favorites:
Aang (complete with the bald head)
a Na'vi
The Powerpuff Girls
Professor Trelawny
a pencil (so creative how the girl did that one...)
a Storm Trooper (a legit one... it looked like it was straight out of the movie)
Dr. Horrible
The Sexy Sax Man (if you don't know who he is, check the video out here.)
Jessie and Buzz
Rock 'em Sock 'em Robots
A man being attacked by blackbirds (I was cracking up! I know the guy, he's in my class... I wish I got a picture... the costume was so creative!!!!!)
The three blind mice
Flo from Progressive
Various Disney Princesses... Rapunzel was my favorite :)
And my favorite: a LEGIT-looking Jack Sparrow
Not only did he look like Jack, but he also walked/ran/talked/acted/etc. like Jack.
Once again, I was cracking up.
He was a hoot to watch.

And there were many more that I can't remember... or am too lazy to remember...

And then I ended the day with an episode of Once Upon A Time with the roomies
And s'mores with the FHE group
And homework on the laptop
And ate some (more) cake in the late evening hours

Oh yes... and did I ever mention our ward party from Saturday evening?
Well, that was fun too. I got to dye my hair.
Check out some pics.

Devon the cowboy, about to get some sugar

How precious...

Three of my best guy friends at this complex
Doug, Fred, and Matt
(aka Dementor, Mickey, and Captain Planet)

Da back o' my head

Our Bishop and his darling wife

Roomies forever!!! <3

Have a wonderful evening everyone.
Don't get spooked by ghosts.
Whoo-hoo November...
And goodbye to my favorite month. Oh October... see you next year!

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