Friday, October 7, 2011

Hundreds of Cakeballs

Evidently, I have a sense of "expertise" when it comes to cakeballs.
So my services were recently called upon.
My aunt's neighbor had never made cakeballs before...
And she wanted to have tons for her art exhibition that took place this evening.
So two days ago... Wednesday... I went to her home to lend a hand.

Six cakes, all of different flavors.
The cakes were already baked when I got there.
Five hours-worth of mixing, ball-forming, freezing, dipping, and decorating...
And we only got 4 of the batches done.
They finished the other 2 batches up the next day without me.

Here's some (poorly lit) shots of my handiwork:

Red Velvet, dipped in vanilla bark, topped with pearls.
The ones towards the back are a little messed up...
[They were the experimental ones]

German Chocolate with coconut

Yellow cake with sprinkles

And there was carrot cake, dark chocolate cake, and lemon cake

Unfortunately, I was unable to get a shot of all the cakeballs
Before people ate them
But here's what the centerpiece looked like by the time I got to the exhibit:

This whole thing was filled up. LOTS of cakeballs.

The exhibit itself was very nice.
Cyrene Swallow definitely has artistic talent!
This piece, "What You See, I Found In Me" was by far my favorite.

Here's the description Cyrene had with this painting:
"This is an oil painting. The idea is:
We women are not our challenges, disorder, stress, or emotional state. We are our God given spirits and individual talents. Remember to be true to you and what you've been given. The idea I had for this composition was to have the woman in the ocean reflecting back on what she had forgotten about herself. The child on the beach represents her and what she had thought she lost in her life journey. She is finding herself again and taking time to reflect and remember. The artist is painting what she sees. She sees the woman as she is with her talent and not her faults. She sees her as beautiful and at peace. There are symbols in the waves of the beach contrasted with the calm water in the artists' painting. It is later in the evening, symbolizing later in life or wiser and more experienced. This painting is very personal to me and symbolizes some discoveries through my own life.

I love her work.
Very colorful and evokes wonderful feelings.
To see more of her work, you can check out her website.
I love art.
And cakeballs.
Just saying.

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