Saturday, October 29, 2011

If Disney princesses were real...

We've grown up watching the classic Disney Princess cartoons. We've grown accustomed to their animated figures and not-so-realistic proportions. So how would these Disney Princesses look if they were real-life girls?

A graphic design student named Jirka Vaatainen explored using real models and photo manipulation to create many of the princesses in the form of picturesque art. I loved looking at them and seeing his creativity. Below is one of my favorites, Jasmine. So realistic... and you can see the other ones here. Hopefully he'll add others really soon, like Snow White, Cinderella, Tiana, Rapunzel, Alice, Tinker Bell... we'll see! I personally think that he could have done better on Belle... but maybe I'm just saying that because I have high expectations for my favorite princess!

In other news, how many times have you played Sardines in your life?
I admit that I haven't played it often...
But I think that my all-time favorite Sardines experience just happened yesterday
In our Fine Arts Center here at BYU
For one of my classes.
The whole class period, we just played Sardines
Throughout the whole second floor of the HFAC.
We played about 5 rounds... and I was hiding for one of those rounds
And the spot that I picked to hide in was by far everyone's favorite.
It was so great, that we just had to get a picture.

Elevator. Classic. Took some people quite a while to find me. Beat that!!!!!

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