Sunday, October 9, 2011

Parades and such...

Today I got the wonderful opportunity to be in this years' Homecoming Parade.
I sang with 13 other people from the A cappella club representing our club choir Audacity.
Over an hour of walking and singing.
It wouldn't have been that bad if I hadn't been sick earlier in the week...
So my voice gave out on me very quickly.
But I stuck with it!
And it was very fun. I saw tons of people I knew along the route.
And before the parade began, I got to go around and check out the floats.

 "Tree of Life" float... haha!

The float owner told me I could take a picture up on the float. I wasn't going to pass that offer up!

An advertisement for the "CaroLlama" that takes place at Christmas

 I LOVE the horses on these wagons! So cute...

And then after the parade, I got to go visit the canyon behind the Provo Temple with some friends.
Believe it or not, it was the first time I had been up there.
I've been to a couple other nearby canyons... just not this one.
And it's only a ten minute drive away!
It was so pretty at this time of year!
I love nature!

We found this stick that looks like a duck... YES, it's natural.

All in all, a very fun Saturday.
Ended it with homemade chicken noodle soup,
a little bit of piano playing,
and a movie with friends.

Oh, and we won our Homecoming Football Game.
That's a plus too.


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