Saturday, October 22, 2011

Stars and Naps

Two things:

First of all, I finally got back up to Provo Canyon yesterday evening! Granted, it was already dark (which defeated the purpose of seeing all the trees and walking around) but it was fun to be outside and stargaze! It's been a while since I've been able to do that - you can't see the stars very well in the city. I found myself gazing at Saturn a lot... it's so bright, your eyes just keep getting drawn to it. I've seen the rings of Saturn before! Gotta love the power of telescopes...

Secondly, I have really enjoyed my homework so far today: take a nap. Take a nap over the weekend and then report how you feel afterwards and the rest of the day. So, once I realized that there was no way BYU was going to lose our football game (we won 56-3) I zonked out on the couch. And it felt great. I love having a good excuse to take a nap other than "I'm tired". Now I can say "It's for an assignment!"

Best homework ever...

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