Thursday, November 3, 2011

For the beauty of the earth

I am thankful for the earth.
I love love love nature! From the big grand mountains all the way down to the tiny grains of sand on the beach. Size does not determine beauty. Thankful...

For flowers

For forests

For rivers

For awesome views and sunsets

If I displayed everything, this would be a very long post. Just saying.

I cannot wait to see what the earth looked like in its Edenic state... it must have been gorgeous. And there is still plenty of beautiful nature left in this world. Even in the middle of a city, you can find beauty. I particularly like to be out and about during the minutes just after the sun has set, but it's still light. The colors of the world around me take on vibrant hues right before they fade away.
I go on hikes more for the nature rather than the exercise. Put me by a river or waterfall, in a tree, on a cliff, and as long as I'm comfortable I'll enjoy myself.

I love this earth. Let's do the earth a favor and take care of it, shall we? I like nature the way it is... and would prefer to preserve what we can of it.

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