Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Gadgets and Gears

I'm thankful for technology.
This is an extremely broad category... then again, everything I've touched on in the past several posts has been very broad... but there's just so much technology that has revolutionized my life. The world. Although there's much to cover, this post is going to stay relatively brief.

Firstly, computers. This blog is brought to you courtesy of these amazing inventions, in addition to other helpful tidbits such as... oh, I dunno... the internet... Just think about how much computers play into our lives! Now, instead of having to hand-write essays, we can type 'em up and print 'em out!

We can communicate and send data instantly from opposite sides of the world via computers, phones, etc.

We can read hundreds of books on a 8x5 inch Kindle that's less than half an inch thick.

We can watch movies and tv shows, play video games, compute mathematical equations in a heartbeat.

Instead of having to walk or ride in a horse-drawn buggy, we can drive a car. Ride a train. Fly across the world in a plane.

We can construct great buildings in a relatively short amount of time. I recently talked with some electrical engineers here at BYU who showed me a contraption they made that reads your brain waves and somehow uses those readings as energy to make a ball levitate and power a little race-car around a track. So basically... mind control. Makes you feel like a Jedi.

I am rather thankful that we have a tv in my apartment this year. I missed being able to watch this or that tv show back when we didn't have a tv. Plus, it's nice to be able to watch a movie on a screen that's larger than that of my laptop.

I'm thankful for my cellphone that lets me hear the voices of my family, despite being hundreds of miles away. I'm thankful for a little gadget called an i-pod... listening to music has never been so convenient. It makes walking to school more pleasant.

I'm thankful for the people who put their time, money, and expertise into developing new technologies every day. I'm excited to see what we come up with in the future. Looking at the progress we've made just in the past year or two, I'm sure it's gonna be good!

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