Sunday, November 13, 2011

Hot. Cold. Hot. Cold.

I'm thankful for air conditioning and heating.
This one is rather random and a bit more specific than the other things I've posted about, but it just came to my mind and I thought it was rather funny... so I had to share it!

Think about it though. How miserable would life have been growing up in Fresno if we didn't have air conditioning during the summer? +100 degree weather... not fun. And now that I'm here in Provo where it snows during the winter, I'm especially glad of heating systems.

How did people survive without these inventions?! I loved to read the Little House on the Prairie book by Laura Ingalls Wilder when I was little, and she describes on multiple occasions the blizzards her family had to endure as they crowded around a tiny stove, draped blankets around themselves, and felt the cold air stream through the thin walls of the buildings they lived in. I can't begin to imagine how miserable that must have been to endure. I've never been in a blizzard, I've never seen a blizzard, but I can try to imagine what it might be like. And it makes me all the more grateful for our heating systems.

Not to mention how nice it is when you've been out running around in the hot sun, and then you come inside and... instant relief! There's nothing like cool air on a hot day! I'm thankful for the ingenious people who came up with these heating and cooling systems. They make life so much more bearable!

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