Thursday, November 10, 2011

I'll see you around, around my hometown

I'm thankful for Fresno, California.
Some people really don't like Fresno. And I have discovered that I am NOT one of those people. I lived in Fresno for my whole life until college... and now I call Provo my home. I never felt antagonistic towards Fresno, but I never loved it either.

I came to Provo, and I loved it. Don't get me wrong, Provo is great. But then I went back home for Thanksgiving during my freshman year and I realized... I really like Fresno. Maybe it's just because I grew up there so I'm familiar with it, but Fresno is great.

Sometimes I wonder why I like Fresno because it gets so hot in the summer and you have to be a little more creative with entertaining yourself than in other cities... but there's lots of good things. Autumn time in Fresno is pretty nice. Nearly my whole family is located in Fresno/Clovis. I have great friends there, and people are really accepting. I love my singles ward back home! Everyone is so nice, we aren't too cliquey. I dunno... it's just... home. So I love it. I suppose that I'd end up loving any place I call home though... because I love Provo now and all...

In any case, I don't mind visiting home between semesters. Some people don't like going back home, and I admit that the loss of freedom and privacy that comes with going back home isn't the best, but I can deal with it. I moved back home for the summer... exactly 4 months back in Fresno, to the day... and I survived just fine. That's because Fresno is just wonderful... as are my friends and family. But that's another entry :)

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