Monday, November 7, 2011

Of paws and claws

I'm thankful for animals.
When it comes to animals, pets are the ones we connect the most with... but that doesn't mean that we can't love and appreciate the "untouchable" animals. I have always wanted to pet a tiger. To cuddle with one, play with one, just sit up close and watch a tiger live its life. Tigers... and pandas... and horses... and so many animals! I like watching Planet Earth, not just for the amazing shots of nature, but for the animals that I learn about, most of which I had never previously known about or had heard very little of.

Pets are wonderful. Some people can live without them... and I suppose I can live without pets too (I've been doing it for over a year) but they are still nice to have. My family has had a variety of pets over the years: a couple cats and dogs, a bunny, a parakeet, a random exotic green parrot that got trapped in our garage one day (so we kept him for a while), hermit crabs, a turtle, a lizard, a wolf spider, and a wide range of aquatic creatures such as typical feeder fish, algae-eaters, a Pacu fish, crabs, miniature sharks, shrimp, etc... my dad has a particular fondness for Cories... a type of South American catfish.

In any case, I was having one of my rare "off days" today where my mood keeps going up and down (no, it's not PMS) and this emotional roller coaster was cured when I went to my TA's apartment to do some scene rehearsal and she had a brand new kitten! A tiny, black, furry ball of cuteness! And it cheered me right up. It's interesting how the tiniest thing can make me instantly cheerful... and since then, my evening has been just great.

Just watch, I'm gonna be one of those crazy cat ladies. Friends, please don't let me go senile to the point where cats are my only friends. Put me in a retirement home. Or hopefully my children would be kind enough to let me live with them. I just don't want to go crazy talking to cats, no matter how much I like them.

Getting back to the main point of this post, I'm thankful for all the many, many animals that God has placed on this earth with us. Some animals are very useful to us, and some seem to have barely any benefit at all. Some are eye-catching, some are plain, but they all have their own type of beauty, their own complexities. Having animals on this earth just makes life so much more interesting! How many times did we delight in going to the zoo as children so we could see all the cool animals? Even as mature adults, some people still get so excited to see a single deer on the side of the road, so they pull over to take a picture. (City folk. Tourists. Haha!)

I'm thankful for the animals that have been a part of my life. I'm thankful for the animals which provide me sustenance. I'm thankful for the creatures whose beauty and grace I can admire, if only from a distance. Someday... I'll walk with tigers. And won't that be such a cool experience?!

All that furry beauty just can't go ignored.

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