Thursday, November 17, 2011

Prayer is the soul's sincere desire

I'm thankful for prayer.
Just because we are physically separated from our Father in Heaven doesn't mean that there's no way of communicating with him. That's what prayer is for! And I am so incredibly thankful for the opportunity I have to communicate with God.

I (more than once) have heard prayer compared to cell phone plans. Prayer is so much more efficient because God always listens/answers, there's no charge for distance, you have "service" wherever you go, and it's a free, unlimited plan. Prayer does not have the same limitations that other means of communication have.

Not to mention that it is so emotionally relieving to be able to pour your heart out to the Lord. And I testify that He DOES listen to each and every person who prays to him with a meek and humble heart. When I pray, I feel so much closer to my Father. I can tell Him anything, and He will listen. I thank Him for my blessings, I ask Him for help and guidance, I plead to Him on the behalf of others. And I've received answers to my prayers. Sometimes, the answer does not come in the way I expect it to. It may take a while before I receive an answer, and I'm sure there have been plenty of times when I receive answers without even recognizing them for what they are. But He always answers. Always.

I'm so thankful that my Father has provided me with a means of communing with Him. I'm thankful for the comfort and peace that I get when I pray. I'm thankful for those in my life who have said prayers for me, because they help.

I pray that you will find comfort in God's confidence today. Go to Him in prayer, and He will guide you. And it is such a sweet experience.

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