Tuesday, November 8, 2011

She had them Apple Bottom Jeans...

I'm thankful for clothing... and everything that comes with it!
I'm a girl... so naturally, I tend to enjoy getting a new outfit, hearing that what I'm wearing looks cute, going window-shopping with friends even if I "don't plan on buying anything"...

And what is clothing without accessories??!!!!

I admit that I'm a bit of a jewelry person... earrings, charm bracelets, and long necklaces in particular. Oh, and big rings that fit on my middle finger. Not too big though. Or too flashy. Flowers are cute. Both in the form of big rings, and hairbands. I've really come to love hair flowers.

I'm also thankful that the weather is getting nice and cold because now I can wear scarves and hats and mittens! And those can be really fun to wear. Oh, and knee-high socks!

I got a free BYU hat today. One with ear-flaps, pink and navy blue stripes, and a pom pom on top. I really enjoy wearing it, mainly because it was free. HAHA! That's my reward for consistently going to club nights on campus.

I'm thankful that I have the money to afford the clothing that I need (and want). I'm thankful for my aunt who's basically my same size. Half of my wardrobe is made of her hand-me-downs... and I don't mind in the slightest. She has good taste in clothing. I'm also thankful for my church's standards on modesty. I love living in a place where girls aren't hanging out of their clothing. I don't understand how girls come to think that it's attractive to wear less! Sure, it attracts some boys... but in the wrong ways. They become attracted to your body, not the whole package. You don't want a boy who falls in love with your appearance over your personality. That just won't fly in the long run. So cover up and get them to focus on you as a person, not you as an object of lust.

Even though most of the famous figures in Hollywood and such don't mind showing things off, there are some here and there that make a stand for modesty. One of the examples that got the most publicity (and was by far my favorite) was the statement of Emma Watson on the subject of modesty. While she's not the perfect example of modesty, I still really like what she has to say about it.

"The less you reveal the more people can wonder." Here's the rest of her quote on modesty.

I'm thankful for modest clothing, and girls who have a high enough self-image to dress modestly. I'm thankful for being a girl! Whoo! I get to have a lot of fun with clothing. Guys can have fun with clothes too, but let's be honest... girls get the better end of that deal.

And no, I've never owned Apple Bottom Jeans. In case you were wondering.

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