Saturday, November 26, 2011

Restless? Maybe just a little...

I feel like I should have just continued with my "thankful" posts all the way until the end of the month. It feels a little weird not to be doing them anymore. In any case, just keep in mind that I could keep going if I wanted to... there are plenty more things where those came from! "Thankful" lists can go on and on...

And now that Thanksgiving is over with, our Christmas decorations are going up. I have Michael Buble and Josh Groban holiday music on repeat. I'm starting to crave my mom's sugar cookies. (I have yet to taste any that top hers. Just saying.)

I've been feeling extremely restless lately. That's what vacation does to me, I suppose. Too much sitting around, too much down time. Sure I do stuff, but not nearly enough. Time is ticking! I need to find a group of people who are more willing to do random things and have adventures... I love my roommates, but they aren't really the adventuresome type. Neither were my high school friends. Why do I always find myself good friends who aren't adventuresome? Maybe I could convert them to the wild side... hahaha!

If I had a car, I would probably be up at the canyon every other day. Not necessarily for a specific purpose... just to be there and do things on whim.
To walk around.
Observe the people and the nature.
It's the type of person I am, I guess. I don't sit in one place for too long if I don't need to... unless my attention is captivated. Then my restlessness disappears. Hence my ability to watch good movies back to back. Or read well-written books for hours on end. Or play video games for extended periods of time (My record is 8 hours straight. Which is saying something for a girl who is not a "pro-gamer". Ugh, why am I bragging about this? Haha... But I felt very icky and unproductive afterwards... I had to go and dance until I was sweating to make myself feel better!).

I wish my siblings were here. Particularly Ryan... I could get him to go do things with me, I'm sure. For the others, it would depend on their mood and what I was planning on going out to do. But Ryan is definitely more willing to just try things. All summer, I kept talking up games like Ultimate Frisbee and Badminton to him... and he humored me for a while. He would come with me when I wanted to do frisbee drills for fun at the park across the street. He discovered that badminton was something he wasn't half bad at... but we lost all of our birdies in the eucalyptus tree in our backyard. (Oops.) And now when I talk to him on the phone, he always mentions how good he's getting at those two sports. I like to claim being the one who got him hooked... and I'm not even that great at them myself. I just do them for fun. And now he has all of his high school years to appreciate them. He's only a freshman, after all... I'll have to play with him once I get back home for Christmas. Awww... My little adventurer. I love my brother :)

Just 3 weeks... then I can see my family again! Then I'll also have plenty of catch-up to play with friends, which will keep me busy for the time that I'm home. For now though... I'll just be satisfied with schoolwork to keep me occupied. Blech.

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