Wednesday, November 23, 2011

true blue, through and through

I am thankful for BYU!!!!!!
There is honestly no other place on earth that I'd rather be going to school than at this campus. I love it so so SO much! And I do not think that I've realized to the fullest extent how fortunate I am to be here. I know plenty of people who apply here and do not get in, some of whom are good friends. I know people who can't afford college at all. It's amazing that I'm here... hundreds of miles away from my family... and I'm loving it.

Below is a picture I took as I was walking around on campus for the first time as a freshman. I was just so excited to be here, even though I was getting rather disoriented because the campus was so large. The tour I had gone on with my Freshman Orientation group had helped, but not much.

Now I'm a pro at navigating this place. I volunteered at the beginning of the semester to be in charge of a group of incoming freshman at the orientation, so I got to give them the campus tour and answer questions and get to know all of their names (all 30 of them!) and take them to activities and eat food with them and all this fun stuff... and all it took was 2 1/2 full days' worth of my time! Luckily, I didn't have classes or work to worry about...

Here's some things I love about BYU:

  • People are SO friendly
  • Girls dress modestly
  • The classes are challenging and you learn a lot
    • Meanwhile, the tuition is super low... great education for a low cost!
  • Campus is beautiful in general, but there's some gorgeous spots... you just need to know where to look.
  • There are so many different classes offered! There's something to interest everyone
  • Tons of clubs
  • Lots of fun activities
  • We have people like Jimmer... yes, I brought him up.
  • You can take a nap anywhere and not feel weird
  • You get some spiritual stuff in everyday. Some professors open class with a prayer. Other professors bring gospel topics into the subject we're learning. I LOVE that!
  • We have weekly devotionals, during which we get to hear from some pretty cool people.
  • The location of the school is great... right by mountains...
  • We have SO MUCH FUN as Cougars! Ah, you don't even know!!!!!!
  • Our "mormon lingo" is heightened even more here. We have lingo that other mormons don't even know about, hahaha!!!
  • And believe me... the list goes on :)

This is my home on campus...
the Harris Fine Arts Center (HFAC)

Basically, I just love this school. I love how good I feel about life when I'm living here. I actually tend to be a lot happier here than I am in Fresno, and I'm assuming that it's because of the environment I'm in, thanks to this campus. I will forever be a loyal Cougar! Wear the white and blue! Ra Ra RaRaRa! Goooooo Cougars!

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