Wednesday, November 30, 2011

When did my phone conversations start getting this long?

A sign or two
that my family misses me:

I can hear my siblings in the background
while I'm talking to Mom on the phone.
They are giving their best reasons
why they should be the next one who gets to talk to me...
And usually Jenna will win because she's the youngest.
Then when I'm done talking with her
and I ask if she can pass the phone to the next person
she refuses to comply...
And when she finally does pass it along,
the next sibling ends up doing the same thing!
Even after we've been talking for 20 or 30 minutes.
Even Johnathon does this,
and he's not much of a talker...
At least, not on the phone.

I know that 20 minutes isn't that long,
but when I have several different people who want to talk to me
and they all talk to me for that amount of time,
it ends up adding up to a looooong phone conversation.
And sometimes, I just don't have that much time to spare!

I normally don't talk to my dad much on the phone
but I did on Sunday evening...
And I decided to say something humorous
to try to make him laugh.
And it worked.
It worked even better than I thought it would,
and I got to hear a full-out laugh instead of just the chuckle I was going for.
I like hearing my Dad laugh.

Grandma Pease emails me often
and sends her and grandpa's love.
I talked to Grandpa Pease on the phone
(he's a very quiet person)
and he actually had a comparatively large amount to say to me!
Grandma and Grandpa Coleman both text me randomly.
I find it amusing that they can text...
One Uncle asks me about boys
and asks if he needs to go into "cop mode" and do background checks.
Creeper. :P
Another teases me about buying me a UofU sweater for Christmas.
A cousin says that we need to hang out.
An aunt thinks we should go to lunch and chat.

And then my sisters keep sending me videos
and pictures of themselves...
and even sound bytes...
I keep them all saved on my phone.
And Jenna always closes with I Love You.

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