Friday, December 2, 2011

Dear December...

Why, hello December!
It's nice to see you again...
And you've already been here for a day.
I'm sorry I missed addressing you when you first arrived yesterday.
I must say though, I'm a little bit surprised that you're here already.
Are you sure that all 11 of the other months got their turn?
Because it doesn't feel like 11 months have passed by since last time, December.
But I suppose that's what happens when you get older.
Time just has a nasty little habit of... slipping away.
And before I know it, December, you'll be gone again.
Just like that.
So I suppose I'll make the most of you while you're here.
Because I love you, December.
You help me create memories.
You give me a break from school.
You give the world an opportunity to celebrate the Savior.
You bring me back to my family.
So please, December... don't pass by too quickly.

Lots and lots of love!

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