Friday, December 16, 2011

DONE done DONE!!!!!!!

What a week.
Finals are always an interesting experience.
Usually, it is implied...
that during finals
I don't care (as much) about how I look.

Which leads to things like

super high up-dos

or giant milk mustaches

And a general lack of makeup
And wearing PJ pants around at all times in my apartment.

And now it's all over!
And I actually looked nice today because my last final required me to dress up
No jeans
Add some makeup and whatnot
And voila!

And now that it's nearly 1 AM, I get to go pack.
Because I leave in less than 5 hours!
So I'll just pack it all up,
finish off my milk via a cup of hot chocolate,
take a shower,
and then sit and watch Disney stuff with Donnie
until Haley comes to pick us up.
So yes, this will be an all-nighter.
I can sleep in the car.
(I've been staying up until about 3 all week anyways.
[How do I function like this??!?]
Last night I was watching some Doctor Who episodes from season 3...
I just couldn't break away.
Oh, and by the way...
Don't blink. HAHA!!!!)

Oh, the joys of going home!
Jenna used Mom's phone to text me
and said she was very excited about something
and she said I had to guess what it was.
So I called her...
And it turns out that she's extremely excited for me to come home.

Well, what can I say...
So am I.

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