Tuesday, December 20, 2011

A little behind the season

Wherever you go in Fresno, you can tell it's winter...
The Christmas lights are up,
The trees are bare,
And in the morning, there's frost in the grass...

Except in our backyard.

Each year, our fruitless pear trees insist on retaining their leaves as long as possible
And so there are still plenty of colorful leaves all over the ground when I get home for Christmas Break... and the trees are only halfway done with shedding their loads.

Well, at least this means I still get a little taste of autumn in Fresno.
Even if it is the week of Christmas.
I miss Fresno autumns, I'm not gonna lie.
But Provo is gorgeous during the fall too... it just doesn't last as long as it does in Fresno.

I have a feeling I'm going to make a giant leaf pile sometime in the next day or two...

But for right now, I just love how the leaves make our backyard so bright and colorful. Maybe I'll just leave them there until Christmas is over. The colors make me happy.

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