Friday, December 9, 2011

A little procrastination never hurt. Right? Um........

v. pro-cras-ti-nat-ed, pro-cras-ti-nat-ing, pro-cras-ti-nates
          To put off doing something, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness
      **To postpone or delay needlessly**

You know you're fed up with school when:

  • You keep paying needless visits to facebook
  • You play obscure songs on your Itunes that you never play otherwise
  • You take naps
  • You sit and ponder things that you've already thought about too much
  • You consider studying, listen to the nagging guilt, then push it aside
  • You watch YouTube videos
  • You eat when you aren't really hungry
  • You take a shower in the middle of the day
  • You clean your room (what??!?)
  • You decide to make a blog post about why you don't want to study
  • You look up the word "procrastinate" on google
  • You chat with roommates, family... anybody!
  • You listen to the guilt again. Consider all of the time you've wasted. Then push the guilt aside once more.
  • You find yourself willing to agree to any activity that takes you away from the books that are sitting there, calling your name...
  • You have a countdown to the day you'll be done with finals
  • When you finally try to start studying, you find that you can't concentrate because your mind keeps wanting to think about other things
  • Do I really need to continue?
  • I'm just doing this to kill time, after all.
  • And time is precious. I shouldn't be doing this. Now I feel bad.
  • Okay. I'll stop now.

Yeah. Enough said. I'm just ready to spend 2 weeks letting my mind empty itself.
It's a good thing I don't have a Pinterest account yet. That might be a bad distraction too.

The occupation
Of every kid across the nation
So heed these words we have to say:
Put it off till tomorrow
If it's not due today!

Here's a little something for you. Made me laugh:

I hope the rest of my weekend is much more productive than today has been. Because now I feel gross. And I don't like that feeling. Why can't I procrastinate in peace??!?!

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