Tuesday, December 13, 2011

time to start "pinning"

New reason for me to spend waste time on my computer.


Check my profile out :)

Warning: if you're a girl, you might just get hooked too. And if you're a boy... well, there are boys on Pinterest. Many of them tend to be gay though. Not all of them... but many of them. Just saying.

I'm not really too hooked... it's just a fun way to be creative, and it's great for keeping track of things that I find online that I want to be able to remember. Just stick it on one of my boards and ta-da!


  1. Eh, you're a boy... so whatevs :P
    And like I said, I'm not too hooked.
    Just another excuse to procrastinate homework.
    (What I'm really waiting for though is Pottermore...)