Monday, January 30, 2012

"blog background indecisiveness"

So... why is it that I keep insisting on changing the background and layout of my blog? It's like I think it's reasonable to change it according to the season/month. Well, I must admit that it's fun to change things up... but still. I should just find a cute vintage background that fits in with all seasons and keep it. But it's so fun... yeah. I'm just gonna keep going with changing my blog background nearly every month. It keeps things interesting. Creative. Fun.

What's NOT fun is being sick when you have classes to go to, homework to do, activities to attend... but what makes it better is when you have an amazing boyfriend that really cares for you, even when you look half-dead and are sniffing all over the place (which can't be attractive at all).

This popular saying is SO not true. I never had to kiss any frogs... :)

In any case, I'll be relieved to be healthy again.

Meanwhile, I've caught up on the latest Once Upon A Time episode (AHH!), I've kept myself comparatively well-rested, and my desk has exploded because I don't care as much about being tidy when I am sick. And cleaning checks were only 2 days ago... that was fast. Who wants to clean when your nose is running all over the place though? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?

Yeah... I didn't think so.

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