Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happy (late) New Year

Hello friends! Sorry for the late(ish) first post of the new year. Better late than never right? Even though it took me several days... well, Happy New Year everyone!

I'll keep this a bit more short and to the point than I was going to make it originally: 2011 was a great year. I mean, it was really good. I thought that 2010 was a good year. Until I reached the end of 2011. Looking back at everything I've experienced this year, from start to finish, I must say that it's been my favorite year yet. Getting accepted into my major, another Disneyland trip with one of my best friends, meeting tons of great new people, coming to appreciate my family more after living away from them, beating a bunch of guys at laser tag, vocal point concerts, hiking in Yosemite, discovering that I absolutely love ballroom dancing and have the potential to be a legit hip hop choreographer, having one of my childhood friends Samantha get married (I have a picture of us together from back when we were in diapers!), tons of new music and movies and adventures... so many good things. These are definitely only a few.

And if my life follows the pattern that it has been following so far, then this year should be the best yet. Which makes me super excited. Because last year was already pretty good. I like my classes, my roommates and friends are absolutely wonderful, my cousin and brother will be starting college this fall, my friend Jacee and I are still itching to go on a trip to Magic Mountain... I still haven't gone... (gasp!)

I do believe this year will meet my expectations. Which is so good to know. We'll see what happens... let the good times roll!

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