Saturday, January 14, 2012

It shows up several months later

Just a quick thought:
It's interesting how you can do something for someone, and then not find out until several months later just how much it really meant to them and how much it impressed them.

Lesson to be learned? Just because someone doesn't openly thank you for something does not mean they are not touched by your actions.
Sure, it's very nice to hear someone tell you how they appreciate what you did for them, but if they don't say anything it doesn't mean your actions weren't appreciated.

As I discovered... maybe it just means that they are so taken aback by your actions that they don't know how to respond. They don't know what to think. They don't know how to say thank you. And so, the signs of appreciation come later down the road. Even several months later.

Isn't it just great to show genuine compassion, interest, and support to others?!?
It takes some most all people by surprise at one point or another.

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