Monday, January 23, 2012

Makes me feel like a ninja

***Nerd alert!


My name is Ashley.

And this... my HEAD SCARF

What type of awesome little 7 year old sister gets you a head scarf for Christmas?
Mine does!
I didn't even realize that these things existed!
And when I'm wearing all black,
it makes me feel like a ninja.
I should totally wear this when we start working with swords in my stage combat class.
I think we start that unit in 2 weeks...
Ninja status.
Enough said.

Wow, I never thought I'd make a ninja-related blog post. And I'm not even a ninja fan anyways. Unless I get to act like one. Hence the reason why I used to spy on my little siblings when they were playing at Orso De Oro Park or in our backyard. They never knew I was coming. Hehehe.

And then there's the late night "ninja runs" that my roommates and I make when we want to get something done. At night. Quickly and quietly. [Hey, it happens! But what we do on those late night runs is top secret.] So now, this head scarf is my official "ninja run" gear. We're gonna make a run sometime soon so I can use it. We have to come up with an objective first though... can't make a run without a purpose!

I am learning to fight like a ninja too. True story. Well........ maybe not quite. Because it's stage fighting. So it's not even real. But it makes me feel legit, that's for sure.

Okay, so maybe I kinda do like ninjas.

I'll stop dorking up my blog now.

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