Wednesday, January 25, 2012

She's so FLUFFY!!!!

I go to my aunt's house for Thanksgiving.
I find out she has 9 puppies.
A cute white and brown one captures my heart particularly.
... And I simply die.

I come back after Christmas break and go over to my aunt's house.
I run into a familiar, furry, four-legged friend.
She's grown much more than I expected.
Ignore the fact that my hair is puffy and just look at those puppy eyes...

Once again... I died.

She is too cute! It's puppy-love moments like these that really make me wish that my apartment complex allowed pets... but it would be difficult to own a puppy in an apartment complex. She'd have to stay inside a lot, and would have to be potty trained, and I'd have to buy lots of food and stuff... so... yeah. No puppy for me :(

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