Monday, February 20, 2012

All that and no pictures??!?

Doug and I took a trip to Fresno, California this weekend.
A whole weekend in my hometown, with my family and whatnot...
And what do I have to show for it on this blog?
No pictures.
None at all.
You'd think that after taking the opportunity to visit home with your fiance in the middle of the semester, you would return with a few photos under your belt.

Actually, truth be told, I do have some pictures. Wedding dress pictures. But I can't just put those up on my blog... the groom can't see the bride in the dress before the wedding day! Even in a picture! And I've been rather mean and keep rubbing that in... sorry Doug. Just wait 3 months. You'll see it soon enough.

Well, pictures or no pictures, it was an extremely enjoyable weekend. Oh, how I love my family....... I've said it before and I'll say it again. How lucky can a girl get?!

I'll have to make up for this lack of visual documentation somehow.
Meanwhile... happy Monday everyone!
And it's back to school again tomorrow. Yay. (Why can't weekends last longer?)


  1. And I totally brought my legit camera with the intention of taking a ton of pictures... grr...