Thursday, February 2, 2012

More than just scruff

Let's say you're a boy.
And let's say you really like facial hair.
But in order to come here to BYU, you must be clean shaven.
You are crushed.
But you comply.
Nevertheless... you wish there was some way for you to be bearded again.
Get a medical note from a doctor saying that you can't shave your face or else you'll get a rash.
Be in a play that requires you to have a beard.
Point is, just figure out a way to get a bead card.
That's what my friend Eliot got to do.
Check him out!

So boys... want a beard?
Get a beard card.
So convenient. Just carry it around and whip it out when someone questions the validity of your ability to wear a beard on campus.
A beard card is not the only way.
Us theatre kids are in the know.
That's why we post things like this on the auditions board on the 2nd floor of the HFAC:

Can't get a beard card?
Try the website on that card on the board.
Tell me what ya think :)

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