Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Nerds are in our midst

BYU is a hot-spot for nerdiness. I'm just saying.
So here are some snapshots. Enjoy.

Segway... classic nerdy transportation.

Weeping Angel. Don't blink! [Check out the Trekkies in the background]

 You're a wizard, Harry!


Scriptural annotations in a copy of the first Harry Potter book in the Library

True story.

 Once again... true story.

This job ad made me laugh... and I never even really watched that show

 Testing Center... The paper on him says "You shall not pass!"

And speaking of dear Sir Ian McKellen...
We watched a video in my Directing Fundamentals class today.
And Sir Ian had some pearls of wisdom for us.
This was not the first time I've seen this video, but it still makes me laugh.
Need some pointers on your acting techniques? Just listen to good ol' Ian. He'll tell ya.

Wonderful words of advise. I never would have guessed his secrets. :P
Only at BYU........

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