Friday, March 2, 2012

Battle of the seasons

Are we really in March already? Goodness...

I must admit, I'm getting a little tired of winter. I feel like we're in that stage where the earth teases us with a bought of dry (and almost warm) weather and then all of a sudden it snows again. Back and forth and back and forth... so that we never know when spring actually is here. The trees might be close to blooming one week, and then the snow is back the next. Well, spring will come eventually - and I'll be waiting eagerly when it does. I always forget that winter is my least favorite season until I'm in the middle of it. I don't dislike winter... I just don't like it as much as the other seasons. If I were to put them in order, fall and spring would be very close to tying for first, but fall just barely pulls ahead. Summer would come third, and winter comes close behind that. Honestly, I like things about each season. They have their own beauties, their own benefits, their own associated holidays... but winter just doesn't compare to fall or spring.

I keep having this discussion with Doug: Winter, can you wrap it up and make way for spring? There are too many great things we want to get started on, and we need warmer weather to do them. Or at least, to do them comfortably without freezing to death.

March is the time in which Fresno begins to bloom again. Winter in Fresno isn't too cold, or too long. I mean, some of the trees were already putting out blossoms when I went home in the middle of February! Why can't Provo weather be as decisive as Fresno weather?

On another note, in one month I will be in my 20s. Isn't that weird?
Um... when did I get this old? WHEN? (Not that 20 is very old...)

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  1. Here in Ohio, we have only had snow about 3 times this winter. It's really starting to make me wonder if soon our July will be freezing cold and our December will be 80+ degrees. That would be insane.