Thursday, March 22, 2012

Happy Hunger Games

There is so much hype about this movie... premiering in theatres tonight, for those of you who were not aware of it! I saw people all over campus today already dressed up. One girl made an actual "Katniss, Girl on Fire" outfit. Three other girls in one of my classes were all wearing mockingjay pins.
They do look kinda cool...

There are gonna be a lot of people who either do not come to class tomorrow or are basically falling asleep in class because they're going to the midnight premiere. I'm not that cool I guess, but I don't mind waiting to see it.

I personally like the cast line-up they have for this movie. I don't have any particular qualms about characters not looking like I pictured them in the book. So good job there.

From what I've heard of the soundtrack, the music also sounds fairly good. I'm not too familiar with the tracks yet though, so I can't pass any judgment yet.


I am slowly becoming obsessed with the song Safe & Sound that Taylor Swift did with The Civil Wars. I think that it's fits in with the feel of the movie perfectly.
The question is... which scene will it be played in?
I personally think it will be (SPOILER ALERT) when Rue dies.
In any case, I like it.
A lot.
Watching the music video is even better. It gives me chills every time... it's such a sad, longing, and extremely haunting melody! I've literally been going around all day singing "You and I'll be safe... and... sou-ou-ou-ou-ound"

The shot of her on the tombstones is a brilliant way to enhance the mood of the song and video.

Barefoot? Perfect.

The leafless trees, faint mist in the air, and dimmed natural lighting... oh, so haunting!

For those of you going to the premiere tonight... have fun!
And... may the odds be ever in your favor.

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