Monday, April 16, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 14

Dear Jenna,

Before I say anything else, I would just like to point out that THIS IS MY 100th BLOG POST! Wow, what a landmark... I must say, I really enjoy this blogging business. My blog may not be "cutesy" like some other girls' blogs are, but I sure do have a lot of fun writing on it and then looking back at what I write.

Stan got to come with me to a BBQ tonight for the very last Family Home Evening activity that I will ever attend in this ward. We went to the home of the second counselor of the bishopric for the activity. They had hens in a little chicken coop, and Stan wanted to be sure to grab a picture of it.

While Stan laughed at the chickens, I was more interested in the little waterfall that they have in their backyard. I love it when there are landscaping elements that are not finely trimmed hedges and precise rows of planted flowers. Trees, rugged bushes, waterfalls and ponds, walkways with little rustic benches... I love it. I have seen some cute landscaping here in Provo.

The house is located on a hill that overlooks the Provo valley. Isn't it a great view? Stan insisted that we take a picture of this as well. If he likes great views like this, then I am almost tempted to have him "hike the Y" with me. (We hike up to this big white "Y" that is located on the mountain right by BYU.) There is a fairly good view from there...

I had a final at 7 AM this morning... and now I have 3 finals left. All of which are scheduled for/due on Wednesday. Finish those, pack up, and before I know it I'll be on my way home! Stan's excited to see you in a week!

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