Friday, April 20, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 18

Dear Jenna,

More will be added to this post later. I'm watching a movie, and it won't be done till after midnight... but I wanted to be sure that this post was registered for "Friday" not "Saturday". I'll post when the movie is done.


Okay Jenna.
So, I've been packing ALL day today, so I haven't had much time for anything else. I finally got my things loaded into a car and over to Doug's house (all my stuff is staying there until we get married and move in to our apartment.)
Once everything was unloaded, I watched Inception with Doug and my roommate Allison.

Once that was done, I was planning on finishing my cleaning, and then taking Hipster pictures in my empty room with Flat Stanley.

And THEN I realized that someone decided to sneak away for the night.

Sneaky little Stan snuck into one of my bags that I was taking to Doug's house, and so now he's over there for the night. So... Stan is spending the night at Doug's house. He's by himself though because nobody knows he's over there except me, so hopefully he won't get too freaked out about being by himself.

In any case... I had to take a Hipster photo by myself. But it's more hipster to put a photo on a Flat Stanley blog when Stan isn't even in the picture. I mean, it's super unusual. You probably haven't heard of it.

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