Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 19

Dear Jenna,

Flat Stanley survived the night at Doug's house just fine.

I finished cleaning my apartment and packed everything up, and now my room is completely empty (other than the beds and desks).

Once I got to Doug's house, I retrieved the naughty little stow-away from the bag that he hid in, and then Doug and I took him with us for a short walk up in Rock Canyon, which is just behind the Provo Temple. We did not hike very far, just about 10 minutes in (if even that), but there was still a great view of the valley.

The mountains are so bare! So different from the mountains we have near Fresno that are covered with trees... but the mountains around Provo are still cool!

Before I knew it, Stan and I were packed up in my friend Katie's car, and I was saying goodbye to Doug. I won't be seeing him for 4 weeks... but I get to see you guys tomorrow! I will probably see you before you even read this!

It's hard to think that there's about a month until the wedding. So. Weird.
But I'm very excited.
What a semester! And what wonderful times are ahead!

We're staying at Katie's aunt's house for the night. She lives in St. George, and they have a pretty good view of the city. I'll have to see if I can remember to take a picture of the scenery before we leave tomorrow morning. Well, I am TIRED. I got three hours of sleep last night... that's what cleaning and packing does to ya, I guess!

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