Friday, April 6, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 4

Dear Jenna,

Stan got to see snow today! Even though it is April and got up to 70 degrees a few days ago, it snowed this morning. I told Stan that he could take a picture with the snow once classes were done and I got off work... but it was all melted again before any pictures could be taken.

However, Stan and I got to learn a Haka dance today!
Haka dances are war dances done by tribes. They do them before wars and battles, and they also do them before rugby games! Rugby is a sport that is kind of like soccer and football.

Here is the class doing the Haka, and then Stan got a picture with the lady who was teaching it.

Also, (if you want to watch it) here's what a rugby Haka dance looks like.

Later, Stan came with Doug and I to go ice skating at the Seven Peaks Ice Arena here in Provo. The 2002 Olympic Ice Hockey games were held in this arena, and now we all get to use it to skate. Doug plays hockey here sometimes.
Stan liked the ice. He looked like a natural!

Go Flat Stanley, go!!!
He then joined us at a Divine Comedy show. We got free glow-sticks!
Here's the whole room of people with glow-sticks, and then me, Stan, and Doug with glow-sticks.

Do you remember anything about Divine Comedy? Just to refresh your memory... they made this video. And lots of other videos. And we got to see them live. And it was funny.

Yay for glow-sticks, laughter, skating, and Haka dances!!!!!
Tomorrow should be fun too!

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