Sunday, April 8, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 6

Dear Jenna,

Stan was a little sad that he couldn't be back home for Easter, but we still made sure he had some fun. Since we already did 2 Easter egg hunts yesterday, I decided to show Stan what it was like to dye eggs. He thought it was so cool! He decided his favorite color is green (since he wears a lot of green), so he really liked all the eggs that were colored green.

Here's Allison helping him out...

And Donnie & Emilee being... well... strange. They make Stan laugh though, so that's good!

It was a good Easter. I hope your Easter was super fun too, Jenna!
Lots of love... from Stan, Doug, and I!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
As for the rest of my readers...
I hope that everyone had a wonderful Easter Sunday. Hopefully, you all kept in mind the whole reason why we celebrate Easter.
I know that my Savior Jesus Christ died for me and was resurrected and lives in eternal glory and splendor. He is risen! He is wonderful and loving! He is the gateway to my exaltation! I'm thankful for His atoning sacrifice and the opportunity that I will have to kneel at His feet in gratitude someday.

Happy Easter to all!

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