Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The Adventures of Flat Stanley, Day 8

Dear Jenna,

Guess who Stan got to meet today?

Robert Seely from VOCAL POINT! He sings the bass!
(Aaaaaaand the flash from the camera made my face look weird. Meh.)

In any case... Whoo!!!!!!! Yay for Vocal Point members!
Robert is famous. He and the rest of Vocal Point were on tv last fall for The Sing-Off on NBC. We just had our own Sing-Off here at BYU this evening, and Robert was one of the judges. Two previous members of Vocal Point - Paul Bodily and Grant Zabriskie - were the other judges. It's too bad McKay Crockett couldn't have been a judge... Stan really wanted to meet him. I've chatted with him more than once. He's super nice.

Well, now Stan can say he's met someone famous who's been on a tv show!

Check out Robert, rocking out on the bass in this video from The Sing-Off. He even has a little bass solo in there! His voice is so deep!!!!
And for the record... Every Little Step is one of my favorites that they sang on that show.

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