Monday, April 2, 2012

Randoms, birthday, & FLAT STANLEY

Hello, blog-o-sphere!
I have been very very M.I.A. lately when it comes to blogging, so I would like to take the opportunity right now to repent of that and catch up on some odds and ends that have happened in the past week or so.

Such as my adventures from last weekend.
Doug and I decided that we wanted to make a late run to Wendy's for some Frostys... but the doors were locked by the time we walked over there. However, the drive-thru was still open. So we did what any Frosty-hungry college students would do: we got in line along with the cars.

What we forgot to take into account was that we were not heavy enough to activate the pressure-plates by the order sign, and so the employees did not know that we were there.

The beauty of living in Provo is that you can trust just about anyone who looks your age, so we asked the guys in the car behind us if we could get in and order from their backseat.

Interesting experience... and we got our Frostys.

It was the last week of March, and the weather has been as bi-polar as ever. However, blossoms are finally out on all the trees. I got to go ice skating a couple times and am getting surprisingly better at it. (By the way... figure skates are so much better than hockey skates. Yes Doug, I went there :p)

AND... Doug and I finally got our engagement pictures!!!!
Here's a tiny preview, if you have not seen them already.

So... yeah.

I've just been goin' to class and working and singing and bopping along in life...
AND this weekend we had General Conference!!!!!!
Whoo hoo, happiness!
And, just as ever, the talks were all wonderful. I might just break a few down on this blog in future entries... but that will happen later because, starting tomorrow, I have a new blog segment that will be happening daily for the next couple weeks until I get back home.

Everyone... I would like you all to meet...
Flat Stanley

So here's the break-down... my little 7 year old sister's 2nd grade class is doing an activity in which they all make their own Flat Stanley's and send them to "far away friends". The recipients of this little cardstock man have to take him around with them, show him the town, all the fun sights, etc. and take pictures and collect stories and stuff like that. Then Flat Stanley is sent back home and all of the 2nd graders put the photos up on the wall and they create a map so that they can see all the different places that the Flat Stanley's traveled to. I have the honor of receiving Jenna's Flat Stanley, and so I plan on having a lot of fun with him over the next couple weeks.

He's gonna get the full college experience.

I'll be posting new adventures that we have together on this blog each day.

I'm excited.

And he arrived on my birthday.
Yeah. Just a side note... it's my birthday today. Happy 20th Birthday to me!
Oh wow, I feel a little old. And it's not fair of me to say that because 20 is not old. But I'm not in my teens anymore. A whole decade of my life has just come to a close...

Anyways, thank you to all who made my birthday fun.

Flat Stanley... I hope you can handle Provo. We get a little ridiculous sometimes.

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