Thursday, May 24, 2012

Digging up old treasures

Oh goodness, I've certainly been MIA! Or rather, my computer has been MIA... and long story short, it is now in my possession again.

We are about 1.5 days away from the biggest event of my life! Doug has been here in Fresno with me for nearly a week. We've been getting things ready, and I've been going through a lot of old things that I've kept over the years... and I found some things that brought up memories. Plenty of 'em.

For example, I'd forgotten that I used to write down my dreams, type them up, and print them out. I had forgotten about this dream, and I still can't remember it... but apparently, I dreamed it! Because I wrote it down!

Way before I decided on Theatre Education, I used to want to be a professional chef.

Also, I went through a short interior design phase.
This is a bathroom:

Those are just a couple things... and I've found more.
I'll post them tomorrow when I have the time
Wedding posts will come after the wedding is over... then I'll give ya'll the low-down on the whole event!

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