Friday, May 25, 2012

Some other memorabilia

A few other items I found in boxes of old stuff I was going through... they brought back memories:

I was rather sporty when I was younger. These are a few first place ribbons from my elementary school sports-centered "Play Day" competitions I found in one of the boxes. Others have been long since lost or thrown away. Two of these are for soccer dribble, one is for a standing long jump, and one is for a 1500 meter run.

I used to try drawing the Powerpuff Girls in 3rd grade or something. I was alright at it... not super good...

I was better at drawing pokemon

I even took a stab at anime once...
But after one drawing, I decided that I wasn't good at it.

And then this is a sketch of my costume from a musical I was in during my Sophomore year of high school.
I was a banshee.
The costume is even more freakish when you see it in full color and in person.
It was definitely the strangest costume I've ever worn.

Well, now that I've gone through all my wonderful boxes,
I need to finish making sure everything is packed up.
I get married tomorrow!
So everything needs to be ready to go.
But I want to blog more...
So I'll probably post again today... maybe even a couple times!

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