Friday, June 15, 2012

Bridal Showers

I was somehow lucky enough to end up with 3 different bridal showers... which is fine by me, quite frankly.

I had one here in Provo, put together by my lovely mother- and sisters-in-law. I, unfortunately, did not get any pictures of the event... but there were plenty of friends, fun games, and lots of food! And all held conveniently in the lobby of my old apartment complex. It was fun, having so many friends right there in one place.

Once I was back in Fresno, my aunt Shelby put together a bridal shower for family members and friends to attend. It was great... like everything Shelby puts together. She took some pictures! So I borrowed them off facebook :)

This stuff is SO good!
Centerpiece on one of the tables: Take a picture frame
and put cutesy stuff in the middle of it, like
fake flowers, bird cages, etc

Take-home favors
And here's what she did with the dining room area

Let's not forget friends!
I wish I had gotten pictures with everyone...
These are only a few... and yes, I know these pics are on facebook already

 Yes... I allowed them to tie big bows on my head using the classic 
purple Bed Bath & Beyond ribbons

AAAAaaaaand finally, I had a 3rd bridal shower that was put together by and for people in my church... old Primary leaders, Young Women's leaders, people I've known for years growing up... and I regret not getting pictures of it, the shower was very cute. Held outside, more lemonade (everyone seems to know that I love it), it was super windy...
I did get a picture of this awesome cake, made specially with me in mind.
Because I love chocolate.
Thank you, Hibbard family. Jacee knows me too well.

Isn't that a ridiculous amount of chocolate?! 2 layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing, Hershey's chocolate around the whole outside, and completely covered with M&Ms on top. Ridiculous.

Needless to say, it was very good.

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