Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Just settling in

Before I go into more detailed wedding stuff, let's take a look at the here-and-now.

Douglas and I are getting all situated at our new apartment! It's a nice, cute little place with a lot of storage space. I think it's perfect for a couple just starting their life out together. Who needs a huge place when there's only 2 of you?!

Plus, we have a balcony. And this is the view we have from it.

It's a nice, green backyard... wouldn't you say?
The lawn is perfect for games, picnics, etc... There's volleyball & root beer floats every Thursday evening!

And it'll be so pretty during the fall and when it's all covered in snow.
Plus there's a great view of the mountains.

Doug and I have a lot of stuff... thanks to everyone's support at our reception and open house.
In fact, the only major item we are lacking is a table and chairs We plan on getting a set soon.
Until then though, we just sit on our couch.
We invite another couple over and do this:

Sitting on folded up blanket-poufs eating pasta with homemade sauce, several different types of homemade bread, pink lemonade, brownies, and ice cream.
Enough said.

Life is all coming together.
Doug just got a full time 40-hour-a-week job for the remainder of the summer.
I have a couple classes for summer term (which starts next week).
Our apartment is feeling more and more like home every day.
Plus we just bought Dance Central 2.
Party time! :D

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