Wednesday, June 20, 2012

The KKK... the GOOD one!

So here are some highlights of the past couple days:

We made homemade pizza on Sunday.
It's times like these when I love having a husband who served his mission in Italy.
He made the dough and rolled it out and stuff... I helped make the sauce and grate cheese and arrange the toppings though, so I didn't feel completely useless. He just did all the muscle-work!

And it turned out GOOD!

We don't have a pizza pan yet, but jelly roll sheets work just as well!

I was in a "just cheese" sort of mood.

We used a stove grate for a hot pad (LOL)!
And yes, my apron has cherries on it.
And my dress is homemade.
Walmart... you can never go wrong with fabric there.

I started summer term classes on Monday. I'm taking 2 English classes - American Lit and British Lit - and there is so much reading! But at least I get to read Persuasion! Oh Jane Austen...
However, both of my classes are 2 hours long each and are back-to-back, and in the same classroom too! So basically, I descend these daunting stairs into the basement of the JFSB and do not see the light of day until I emerge 4 hours later.

Okay, maybe that's not completely true... I get breaks, so I can leave that classroom, even if only for a short time. I find the classes very engaging so far though, so... that's a bright spot.

My English Teaching minor is now also officially declared. Once the summer term is over, I'll be halfway done with it already!

Doug and I ran by Macy's today to grab a couple food items, and I FINALLY got him to buy a King Kong Kone. Also known as the KKK. (Actually, they're not known as that... I just call them that myself). If you don't remember, I posted about these beauties before here.

The first words that came out of his mouth when the cashier turned around with that giant stack of ice-cream was "There's no way!"
The picture doesn't even do them justice.

And yet... he ate it all in one go.
Just like I did the first time.
And the second time.
This was my third time getting this monster, and I ate it all in one sitting once again.

Oh memories... Donnie, if you read this post, you know what I'm talking about.

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