Monday, June 25, 2012

A little camping getaway

I hadn't been camping for a long time... like, a couple years... until this weekend!
Doug and I went up in a nearby canyon with several other couples and we had a little Friday night getaway. It was pretty nice to be outdoors, I'm not gonna lie.

Plus, isn't our tent just so cute?

Perfect for two people.
We made some pretty tasty tin-foil dinners.
Meat and veggies, baby!!!

And the scenery was fairly nice... if you don't count the other campsites nearby...

The point is, we were out in nature.
There was a stream nearby, so there was a constant soothing sound of water.
And it gave me the wonderful opportunity to procrastinate my homework!

I wish I had more pictures... but my phone mysteriously died while we were up there (it had nearly full battery when we left home!) and our camera was also dead, so you don't get to see our s'mores, Doug's charcoal-black burnt marshmallows, or our breakfast burritos in the morning...
Oh well!

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