Tuesday, June 5, 2012

New last name... New LIFE

Hello once again, blogging world!
I would now officially like to introduce myself as Ashley Kelly!

It's fun getting used to a new last name. I keep having to stop myself from saying Pease. I have a new signature to practice. AND I get to say phrases such as "My husband and I..." and I can check the "married" box when I'm asked what my marital status is.

Pretty great.

And the weirdest thing of all is that it still hasn't hit me that I'm married! I'm just kinda going along, doing my thing... but I'm sure it will hit me one of these days, just randomly out of the blue. We'll see.

Meanwhile... let's talk wedding details!!!!!

Over the next several weeks, I think I'll just make a post here or there about various details from the wedding, such as the reception or a bridal shower or two, the processes, the honeymoon, etc... I'll make this fun. For today though, I'll just let you enjoy this instagram montage of wedding shots.

Photos courtesy of Shelby Coleman

1. Coming out of the temple right after the ceremony
2. The reception, located in my own backyard
3. Sparkling lemonade!
4. Tea lights in glass jars. Simple, yet cute.
5. Le cake
6. Cutting le cake
7. Bride and groom, getting away from the main bustle of the reception and dancing together on the lit-up, decked-out deck outside my parents' room. (No, this was not the first dance. That happened earlier in the evening.)

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