Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pizza and burgers and fries! Oh my!!!

Back on Thursday this week, the owner of Terra Mia Ristorante put together a little shin-dig from 9-12 for people who had served their missions in Italy. Basically, it was $5 per person for all-you-can-eat Italian pizza.

I had been sick that day, and the day before... and yet I woke up from my early evening nap feeling refreshed enough to ask Doug if we could still go over there. It was only 9:10 or so... and he was immediately ready to go out the door when I said I was feeling rather better.

I hoped my stomach could take it...
And it did.
And oh, how glad I was.

Yum.      SOOOOOOOOOoooooooooo good.

^ That has ham and whatnot on it... yum. It was my last piece, I forgot to
take pictures until this point! So I didn't get the plain cheese or the one that
had chicken and mushrooms on it, or any of the others...
But you get the idea.

Yum yum, Italian pizza! And I think that was the first time I've experienced dipping the crust in the oil... pretty good, not gonna lie. I would definitely eat at Terra Mia again!

Pst, Utah people... go there for your birthday and you get a free gelato! Or when you go to eat there, "check in" on facebook and show them (either with your phone or a print-out) and you'll get a free bruschetta!

Yesterday we went to eat at a new place that's just opened down on University Avenue, close to Center street in Provo: Nellie's Diner!

It's a cute little 50s getaway.

The blue tape on the jukebox says "not working yet. sorry!"
A working jukebox would really add a nice touch to the place, I hope they'll actually get it to work!

The fries were really good, and the burgers were huge! Well... I got a chicken sandwich, not a burger, but still... and they serve breakfast all day too! Next time, I'm getting a breakfast menu item.

2 other suggestions:
Doug said they needed more pictures on the walls. Now that I think about it, I agree. Crowd the walls!!!!
MY suggestion is that all the employees learn how to roller skate.
That would pretty much make it perfect.

Maybe someday.

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