Monday, July 2, 2012

Extra extra, read all about it!

And when I say extra, I MEAN extra!

I got to be an extra in a mockumentary that BYU's Divine Comedy was filming on Friday. It's not too big of a deal... I mean, I was just an extra... but Matt was the main character of this particular project, and he is by far my favorite DC member ever! It's too bad he's not gonna be on the team anymore this coming fall...

Anywho, this mockumentary was filmed as part of an episode of a TV show that DC has put together called Studio C. It will premiere on BYUTV in October. Oooooh, it's gonna be funny!

Here's a couple blurry, poorly-lit shots from the filming process.

We got our own make-up artist... which I didn't realize we'd be getting... oops

Like I said... blurry... but this is what I looked like! ......more or less......

The set

The sound guy

There's Matt in the black suit, doing his rounds

My desk space

Aaaaaaand... here's me back home, trying to get a better shot of my get-up... one that's not blurry. I kinda like the "picture in a circle mirror" idea...

*****Since ya'll are reading my blog, you get to hear a few details of this mockumentary: all I'm gonna say is that it involves a Facebook Philanthropist, lots of "liking", DC member Jason guest-starring as a homeless bum, and "The Office"-style cinematography.

Earlier that same day in my Brit Lit class, my teacher's husband came in and made us nitrogen ice cream. (He's a Chemistry professor). It took about 2 minutes to make, and it was SO good!

Doug found a great deal on IBC root beer... I love that it's in glass bottles! It feels more authentic. And it was a 24-ct pack, so we have plenty more root beer where that came from. Yay for movie nights!

All in all, it's been a good weekend. Despite the fact that there are tons of wildfires down south, so the sky has been smokey and there's ash raining down everywhere... my prayers go out to those who are losing homes and whatnot because of the fires.

Looks gross, doesn't it?

Well...... 4th of July is coming up! Lots of fun stuff planned... stay tuned!

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  1. That is SO cool. Being an extra in a movie is kind of a life-long goal of mine. And I agree about the ash. It's falling like rain in Provo!