Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Some Irish Lovin'

I had to read a bunch of literature written by Irish authors for my Brit Lit class today, and so I've been in a rather Irish mood. Not gonna lie. (If you can call "Irish" a mood...)

Fun fact: If I could perfect one accent... it would be Irish. True story.

Ireland is on my "top 10 places I want to visit before I die" list.
I mean... look at it! Ain't it purrty?!

So green! One day I will walk along those cliffs, snap shots of cute little Gaelic cottages, and explore the castles (and there's quite a few of those!)

Side note... Irish Creme Truffles... so good!!!!

My husband is a ginger. Does that count as something Irish-esque? (Well... that's just stereotypical... but he is part Irish, after all. And he does the accent better than me.)

So... I came home today and immediately turned on my Spotify "Celtic Thunder" playlist. And when I say Celtic Thunder, I am of course referring to the music group. I did not come up with that snazzy name on my own.

Never heard of Celtic Thunder? Let me lay it out straight for you...
PBS Irish music show thingy.
5 guys. Sometimes 6.
Irish accents.
Enough said. Are you as sold as me? Thank you Jacee for introducing me to these guys a few years ago.

To save you the trouble of looking them up on YouTube, here's a video. Besides... there aren't many Celtic Thunder videos on the Tube. Sadly.

Got your Irish lovin' for the day? Good.


  1. I love this! My friend and I are dreaming a trip through Europe and I told her Ireland was on my "must" list. She didn't fully understand, but I will get there someday!

    1. You definitely can't go through Europe without visiting Ireland! Hopefully you can make it happen! :)